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Exotic Echium

Way back in 2011 ( I think) I ordered some flower seed from an online retailer. When the package arrived I was pleased to see they had also enclosed a free gift. Two packets of Echium Pininana seed, two varieties … Continue reading

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Call to action for a Veteran.

  **Edit** Many thanks to all the people who voted for the Cubbington Pear Tree for European Tree of the Year, and especially to those who shared the link on Twitter and Facebook. Voting is now closed and the results … Continue reading

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Hive records – why and how to keep them

Originally posted on Oxfordshire Natural Beekeeping Group:
Natural beeks often do not conform to many of the practices of more conventional beeks, one example being that intrusive hive inspections are much less frequent. Observations made at the hive entrance and…

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Musings on terminology, subversive gardening and an Australian contraption.

I personally am continually bothered by the term ‘beekeeper’ in the natural approach. It suggests ownership and possession, and therefore intervention. Which is exactly what I personally am striving to avoid. However I find it difficult to not use the … Continue reading

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Bees in Prison

As the bee flies, less than three miles from my home and just to the South of the Warwickshire town of Rugby, in fact on the border of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire lies the secure institution HMP Rye Hill. Few people … Continue reading

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Humble beginnings.

So, this is the first post of hopefully many on this blog. My first task is to extend a huge thank you to Paul and his good wife Lynne from the Oxfordshire Natural Bee group for the invaluable assistance in … Continue reading

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