Humble beginnings.

So, this is the first post of hopefully many on this blog.

My first task is to extend a huge thank you to Paul and his good wife Lynne from the Oxfordshire Natural Bee group for the invaluable assistance in setting this page up.

The Oxfordshire group is well established and also has a WordPress site and can be found here>

It is my hope that this group can model itself along similar lines, through expansion of membership, sharing of information and experiences, planning social get together’s/meetings, hive visits and ultimately workshops. Indeed Oxfordshire have organised a Warre hive building one day course for April which I have arranged to attend and which will provide me with my first Warre. I will be sure to make a post after the event to share how the day progressed.

At the time of writing I have already heard from a couple of local people who are interested in being involved in this group so we are already off to a decent start. I think it is worth mentioning that it is not necessary for anybody interested in being involved with this group that they commit to attending meetings etc, nothing along those lines is compulsory. Unlike other beek groups this is an informal group, not being a charity we have no need to appoint Chairmen, Secretary’s, Treasurer’s etc. Everyone is free to participate as an equal, as much or as little as they like and please note I am not the leader – I am just the guy who started the ball rolling! So, with that in mind I hope interested persons reading this will get in touch via the Contact form. It would be great to hear from anybody in Warwickshire or indeed the greater West Midlands region already practicing natural bee-keeping, perhaps you would like to make a submission for a blog post of your own? It is also worth mentioning that it is not necessary for anybody interested in participating with this group that you are already a natural beekeeper or even a beek of any description – if you are simply just interested in the natural approach then we would love to hear from you. Likewise do please spread the word to anybody you feel may be interested and hopefully in future we can also have a thriving group and we can expand the groups activities.

To close off with a lovely photograph for which I would like to thank Jules from for her kind permission to reproduce her amazing image of a honeybee visiting a Phacelia Tanacetifolia flower. This green manure and nectar rich plant is of course much loved by bees and is a charm in any garden.








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