Call to action for a Veteran.



Many thanks to all the people who voted for the Cubbington Pear Tree for European Tree of the Year, and especially to those who shared the link on Twitter and Facebook. Voting is now closed and the results will be announced on 20th April in Brussels.

In the Warwickshire village of Cubbington stands a grand old wild Pear tree. It’s age is uncertain, and so is it’s future. The tree was listed in this 2011 survey by Warwickshire County Council as a ‘veteran’. Veteran Trees of Warwickshire

Unfortunately this grandfather of Pear Trees is standing right on the spot for the proposed HS2 rail project, and therefore will likely be removed. One less flowering tree out of the many this project will flatten that provides forage for bees and other insects.

There is currently a European wide vote for ‘Tree of the Year’, unfortunately as I write this it is the final day of voting (Monday 29th Feb 2016)

If you have time please do follow the link and vote for this wise old tree, it requires entering an email address and a captcha code, a link is then sent to your email account and once you click on that link in your email your vote becomes registered and counted. The entire process takes less than 1 minute.

Link to vote >> Vote for this Pear Tree

Please do share through your Social media accounts, thank you.

Photo by Frances Wilmot

pear tree



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