Warwickshire Natural Bees is intended to be a free and informal friendly network of people county-wide and beyond, beekeepers and non beekeepers, with an interest in the natural approach towards bees and to provide a forum to share and discuss their thoughts and experience of this approach. To provide a presence at local events to educate the public and promote the natural approach. To arrange meetings, hive visits, guest speakers and workshops.

Using the term ‘natural’ we mean striving towards a ‘bee-centric’ approach as opposed to a ‘beekeeper’ or  ‘honey-centric’ approach. Paying respect to both the natural behavior and biology of a honey bee colony as the primary foundation on how best to provide care, homes and a future for our most vital pollinator. In practice this means having a low-intervention approach to the hive, only disturbing through opening a hive when absolutely necessary, and of course a chemical free/no treatment regime whilst encouraging natural swarming behavior. Working with the bees by not removing their honey stores to replace it with sugar syrup.

Warwickshire Natural Bees is not a charity and has no formal structure. Any events organised by the group should be self-funding.

Links to articles published here are also available through both our Facebook and Twitter accounts.



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